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 By HK prison chaplain Fr John Wotherspoon O.M.I.   jdwomi@gmail.com (Main site: www.v2catholic.com)

Aim of this website:  To stop people drug trafficking to/from/in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Drug Blog


Media/blog items

Letters from inmates  

Stories about people drug trafficking to/in Hong Kong

Items concerning Fr John's campaign to stop drug mules coming to HK

HK sentencing

HK entrapment file

A call for HK Customs to improve its efficiency (coming soon)

High Court judgement summaries (coming soon)

Groups of inmates tricked/coerced by Drug Lords (coming soon)

A call for HK Judiciary to follow a common policy re inmates who help this website's anti-drug campaign (coming soon)

News about repatriation arrangements between HK and other places (coming soon)

Parole policy and practice in HK (coming soon)

Need for "half-way house" for released drug addicts (coming soon)

Board of Review ...rarely if ever a reduction? (coming soon)

Length of sentences (..cheap labour?..) (coming soon) ..higher sentences a hang-over of Opium War??

"Victim of human trafficking" rather than "drug mule" (coming soon)



Hong Kong is not China. It belongs to China, but it is a separate jurisdiction, with its own laws. It does not have the death penalty.
China still has the death penalty, and many Africans are awaiting execution in China. Google "Ugandans, Nigerians on death row in China"

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