Information for people recently arrested who wish to take part in Fr John's anti-drug campaign:

(Portuguese translation here)

1. Everyone, local as well as overseas inmates, is welcome to take part in the campaign. No one is obliged to take part in the campaign, but everyone is welcome to take part. If by chance this is not your first time to be in detention in HK, please check with me before doing anything for the campaign.

2. The main aim of the campaign is to stop people from drug trafficking into/in Hong Kong

3. The way to take part in the campaign is to write letters for Fr John's websites. These letters are then linked to blogs and media in other countries. This publicity helps stop people bringing drugs to HK. Over the past few years this campaign has been very successful in helping to stop drug mules coming to HK from Africa and South America .

4. Letters should describe the way you were recruited/tricked/coerced into drug trafficking.

5. Letters should not mention any names/details that might endanger yourself or your family. Fr John will not publish your name or prison number. He will delete these from your letters.

6. Letters should contain a warning to other people not to get involved in drug trafficking, pointing out the sadness etc of being in detention ...sadness for yourself and your family.

7. If you don't want anyone to recognize your handwriting, disguise it by printing or using a different style.

8. Letters should be written in clear writing that can easily be read. Letters can be written in any language. If you can also send an English translation with any letter not written in English, that is good. You can ask others to help you with translation.

9. Leave a space around the four sides of each page you write on. If you write too close to the edges, your letter is more difficult to scan for putting on the internet.

10. Letters should focus only on the anti-drug campaign, and not criticize CSD.

11. Ask your family to take part in the campaign by putting material on Facebook etc warning people about the danger of drug trafficking to Hong Kong .

12. If your family puts something on Facebook etc, ask them to send a printscreen copy of their posting to Fr John so he can use this when he writes a support letter for you when you go to the High Court for sentencing. Fr John's email:

13. Fr John's support letter can only be used at the High Court. At lower courts, judges will not accept such letters.

14. Send at least 3 campaign letters to Fr John .... one a month for 3 or so months. Just one letter is not enough.

15. Start writing early ... don't wait till just before you are sentenced in the High Court. That is too late. Fr John needs to submit his support letter to your legal team several weeks before your trial.

16. Please let Fr John know your trial date and the names of your legal team and the name of your judge as soon as you know these details.

17. Usually, but not always, a judge will give a slight discount (3 months, 6 months) to people who take part in Fr John's campaign. Most judges give a discount. But some don't. Fr John cannot guarantee you will get a discount.

18. If you don't get a discount at your trial in the High Court, it might be possible to ask the Court of Appeal for a discount. After you are sentenced, you have 28 days in which to appeal to the Court of Appeal (if you have pleaded guilty).

19. Try to give as much information as you can to the HK authorities about the people who recruited/sent you from your own country & the people who were due to meet you in HK. If not dangerous for you or your family, ask your family to help get information (especially from Facebook etc). Do this as soon as you can. Don't wait till a few weeks before your trial to start doing often needs months to do! If you did not give information to HK authorities at the time of your arrest, and/or you have new information, you can ask for Customs/police to visit you and you can give them a "non-prejudicial statement".

20. Even if this information does not lead to the arrest of anyone in HK or other places, the fact that you made the statement can often help you receive a mitigation discount when you are sentenced. New information is also ground for an appeal, even an appeal "out of time" - using a form called "Information to Authorities". So, your sentence at the High Court is not "game over". If after your sentencing you or your family can obtain more information for the authorities, you can appeal for a reduction of sentence.

21. Be careful about making an appeal....if you lose, your sentence might be increased! If you have already received a discount for the campaign, the only grounds you have for an appeal is "more information to authorities". 

22. After you are sentenced, you and your family are welcome to keep helping the campaign ... not to get a (further) reduction in sentence, but to stop people going to prison. This is something most worthwhile.

23. All campaign letters (in all languages) for Fr John should be posted to:

Fr John
P.O. Box 74013
Kowloon Central Post Office


24. For Spanish or Portuguese speaking inmates, please send campaign letters (in Spanish or Portuguese) to Fr John. But please send family or other messages to:  
P.O. Box 18
Ma On Shan, N.T.


25. Whenever you write to Fr John or to Xavier or other friends in HK, please put your prison address. Sometimes inmates write and it's not clear which prison they are in! Please also put a date on your letter!


26. Dear Jesus, you were once in prison and you said that anyone who visits someone in prison visits you. Please give all inmates strength and courage for each day. Please help them use their detention time for study and other worthwhile activities. Please give them hope to look forward to the time when they will be released and will be with their families once again. Please protect and help their families. Please move the hearts of the Drug Lords to stop their evil trade. Please bless all judges and lawyers. Amen!