2017 articles re campaign of Fr John Wotherspoon to stop drug mules coming to Hong Kong


Dec 15: A very kind friend in HK has lovingly made a Spanish audio version of the Cable TV report about my August trip to Guangzhou - here ...and also a Spanish version of a SCMP video about my anti-drug campaign - here

Dec 1 report in Chinese in Ming Pao Magazine


Sep 30 Report on last night's South China Morning Post Spirit of HK Awards

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Sep 29 South China Morning Post Spirit of HK Awards - my little speech asking HK govt to support the campaign is the last 2-3 mins of this video (video starts after 20 seconds)


August 24: Cable TV video report on my anti-drug campaign (has had more than 100,000 views!) and a Facebook report on the video report (click "translation" for English) and a copy with English subtitles


May 18 South China Morning Post:  The prison chaplain who has stopped 150 drug mules reaching Hong Kong


March 25 Oriental Daily report of High Court case yesterday of a South African woman:
Online copy; 2017-03-25-OD.jpg (491950 bytes)

Update May 14:
Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, Sing Tao.


February 28 summary in High Court by Judge Barnes

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