2016-07-13  Translation of Chinese letter:

Dear Father John,

Thank you for taking time out of your tight schedule to visit me and give me sound advice. Please understand I can only write in Chinese.

In 2014 , I met an Nigerian man in Guangzhou. He lived in Malaysia and was in the import and export business with clothes and bags. I went with him on these transactions and have kept some of the invoices.

Because of visa requirements, he could not stay in China permanently so I went over to Malaysia to visit him from time to time. In 3 of the visits, he asked me to bring him samples of clothes and bags. Since I went with him to do his business in China so I believed he was just a businessman and have never had any suspicions. There has been no problems with Customs until 2015 November 17 when Customs found 2000 gram of Ice in the lining of one of the backpack samples in my luggage.

I have been a law abiding citizen and have never touched drugs. I was attracted to this Nigerian man because he did not smoke nor drink. He struck me as a hardworking person. I could not believe he was a drug trafficker.

I told Customs that the backpack was given to me by his friend in the street and asked them to check cctv but they said they did not do that in China. My family went to the police with the same request but to no avail. I asked them to go to Malaysia with me to arrest him but Customs said they could not do that. During the video interview, I asked them how I could prove my innocence. They said if I told the truth, I would be set free. It has been more than eight months, no Custom officers or Police officers has been in contact with me, not to mention proving my innocence. I also wrote to the Chinese Liaison office but my plea has been ignored. I am an only daughter and my son is only 4 years old, they need me to be home. Legal representation is out of the question as I cannot afford their fees.

The other day you suggested I fill out a complaint form and I have taken your advice. Truth cannot be turned into lies and lies can never become the truth so I hope the court will find out the truth in my case. I will not plead guilty because I was framed but if I lose, I will be facing 25 to 30 years in prison. I hope you can help me return home.