Media/Blog items - 2015

Oct 4: Hard copies of SCMP articles re US socialite tricked into drug trafficking in HK
 and re AFP detective assigned to HK:

  2015-10-04SCMP-Elizabeth.jpg (1362343 bytes)  2015-10-04SCMP-AFP.jpg (607489 bytes)

On line copies: From Fifth Avenue penthouse to Hong Kong jail: How a US socialite became an unwitting drug mule in Hong Kong  and  Australian crime-buster posted to HK to tackle drug menace

Sep 30: Four women arrested at HK airport for drug trafficking

Sep 21: The Thai woman in this video - sent by a Nigerian Drug Lord - smuggled heroin to Hong Kong 3 times and on her hast trip she was arrested

Sep 21: Two Filipino women arrested at HK airport - drugs in luggage  (video)

Aug 17: The International Organization for Migration says that people forced/tricked into drug trafficking should be reclassified as "victims of human trafficking". This has huge ramifications.

Aug 17: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has produced  Handbook on the international transfer of sentenced persons 

August: ABC TV 7.30 Report from Australia
- about elderly and vulnerable people (including several inmates in HK whom I regularly visit) being duped by African drug gangs into being drug mules

May 8, 2015: NZ/Australia man faces death sentence in China

2015-03-19  Three Africans acquitted of HK drug trafficking charge 
(c.f. Feb 13 report, below, re SA cop..)

March 12, 2015: Elderly foreigners being tricked into smuggling drugs out of HK
- all are in detention, facing long sentences, unlike Australia, - c.f.
A difference between Hong Kong and Australia   

March 14, 2015: Singapore hangs two convicted drug dealers
(for 15 grams of heroin ....c.f. people bringing 1 or more kilos to HK!)

Feb 14, 2015: HK drug courier, 15, gets nine years in prison

Feb 13, 2015: South African cop held in HK for drug smuggling  (but report inaccurate: arrested at HK-China border, not at airport)

Jan 27, 2015: HK police arrest 6 African asylum seekers, seize illegal drugs and US$730000 cash