Hong Kong media/blog items - 2016



Oct 8: Hongkongers arrested in Manila airport drug bust netting 28kg of cocaine worth HK$22 million

Sep 6: Mainland woman acquitted after serving 5 years - had been tricked by African in Mainland to go Malaysia to bring drugs to HK

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Sep 3: Australian cops "will die in jail" for cold-blooded drug deal murder of Chinese student with alleged links to Hong Kong triads

Aug 28:  SCMP re Lai Chi Kok transfer of some inmates to Stanley

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Aug 28 - SCMP: South American cocaine gangs increasingly target Asia-Pacific as US and European markets become saturated

Aug 9, 2016: "Nothing like food": Hongkonger jailed for smuggling meth into New Zealand in cans of pork

July 20: Enter the dragon fruit: liquid cocaine worth HK$15 million found squeezed into 98 fruits arriving at Hong Kong airport from Colombia

July 19: Airmailed cocaine leads to HK$2 million haul and arrest of three Indonesian asylum seekers 
- the
latest in a growing group ... some of them tricked while using Facebook

July 3- Hong Kong prisoners send greetings to Pope

June 19: SCMP re conditions at Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre

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June 12- China fast becoming Europe's drug wholesaler

May 16: Another drug trafficking case from Dubai airport:

3 arrested at HK airport for drug trafficking

April 20: Five Hongkongers could face death penalty over one of China's biggest cocaine seizures

April 11: New cocaine route prompts Hong Kong customs to step up Middle East links Couriers from South America discharge drugs in destinations such as Dubai, then pass illegal cargo to 'second-leg' mules to complete journey  - see comment by "mricci" 

April 4, 2016: BBC video report (3 mins) about East African drug mules going to HK ...and my anti-drug campaign

March 10: Two days ago at a detention centre I met about a dozen recently arrested drug mules facing long sentences in Hong Kong. They came from different countries in South America, Asia and Africa (not East Africa!). All but one were persuaded or tricked or forced to bring drugs to HK by Nigerian Drug Lords based in South America, Asia and Africa. Shame, Nigeria, shame, shame, shame. I hope the new Nigerian government will assign special police officers to track down (not difficult) and arrest (not easy) these Nigerian Drug Lords who are destroying lives and families in many parts of the world.

March 8: Three arrested in Macau's 3rd greatest drug bust
The Nigerian arrested is "Happy" of HK Chung King Mansion fame, responsible for many people going to prison for drug trafficking

Feb 24: US Homeland Security:
Do You Know What Is in Your Suitcase? How Drug Traffickers Are Deceiving Seniors to Smuggle Contraband 
The hearing revealed 145 victims have been arrested outside the US and 44 of them remain incarcerated. Fifteen so-called facilitators have so far been arrested - in Hong Kong (?), China, Argentina and Spain

Feb 22: Revealed - how Hong Kong became the crystal meth corridor linking mainland China's producers to the lucrative Australian market

Feb 17, 2016: Ice worth AUD$1 billion seized - HK/China arrests
Law enforcement agencies have seized $1 billion of ice in the largest drug bust of liquid methamphetamine in Australia's history. Three Hong Kong nationals and one Chinese national have been charged

Feb 17, 2016: Woman from Dubai flight arrested at HK airport for trafficking

Feb 8, 2016: Drug bust nets HK$10m worth in New Year haul

Jan 20, 2016: Traveller from Hong Kong arrested at New Zealand airport after HK