October 22, 2016:  (SEE BELOW FOR UPDATES ..)

The No. 1 Nigerian Drug Lord, the Big Boss, in Hong Kong:
"Nonso", "Frank", Frank De Governer, "Tolgo"

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Dear Frank

I may as well address this to you since it's all about you.
Thank you for your phone call on August 30.

In that call you expressed concern that I had published your name and details in this this story which names you as Sharon's boyfriend, running your African bar on the 4/F of Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui.

In the phone call you said you were a good friend of "Happy" (Ogene Egbemumhe) who featured in the High Court in 2012 (see this article in Chinese). Happy is now in prison in Macau on a drug trafficking charge. He is responsible for many people going to prison in HK - overseas and local drug mules, some of them set up ...as in the letter of May 2016 above.

This is your problem: more and more people are now naming you as the one who arranged their drug muling trip, from overseas or locally. In some cases you were the one they were supposed to meet when they arrived from overseas. Like this poor guy from South Africa (Nov. 1) who names you. You are the main arranger of people from overseas ...everything is controlled by you...from Africa, from Malaysia, from Dubai, from Manila, from Sao Paulo. You are the Big Boss in HK.

Several inmates are willing to testify how they saw you in South America, in more than one country. 

Many inmates are also saying what is common knowledge on the street: you are an informer, of both HK Customs and the CID ....which is why they will not arrest you, which is why they will not conduct a "sting" operation against you.

This whole business of being an informer is very disturbing. In order to get police/Customs protection for your drug business, you need to sacrifice a victim or two each month ....set them up...so they are caught by Customs/police ....so that Customs/police get promotion.

I just want to say the same as I said at the end of Sharon's story: please get out of the drug game ....leave Hong Kong....start a decent job....do something to make up for all the harm you have done. Help some of the many families you have destroyed by sending people to prison. Surely something in your heart must be telling you to quit before you get caught. Caught with a small "c" or caught with a big "C" as in this story!

God bless

John W

October 24, 2016 - update: well Frank, it seems I might not be calling you the correct name. Apparently your HK ID card shows your name as "Christian XXXXX".
And some people say you are out on bail, facing a drug trafficking charge since the end of last year.
Please tell your friend
Network/Sunny (also responsible for a number of people in prison in HK) that I will soon be profiling him