November 19, 2016:  (updated Dec 2, 2016 - see below)

The story of "Frank Ukadike", real name Urbain Azowou(z?), a Nigerian Drug Lord operating in Hong Kong.
How he tricked
a local Filipina domestic worker

If any of the information here is not correct, please let me know and I'll fix the mistakes. If anyone has any more information about this story, please let me know:

G'day Frank. Not sure if we've met. But I know there's at least one person in prison because of you. But first, here's your photo, so people know who you are:

Frank-Ukadike (1).jpg (35784 bytes)    Frank-Ukadike (2).jpg (33150 bytes)  Frank-Ukadike (3).jpg (23817 bytes)  Frank-Ukadike (4).jpg (31768 bytes)  

When you're in Hong Kong, you are based at Chung King Mansion: Block D, 9/F, Dipty Hotel, Room 1.

Your passport:

Anyhow, here's the story: sometime in August 2016 you got to know a Filipina domestic worker in HK - Anna (not real name). Then you used a trick that's becoming sadly too common in Hong Kong: you arranged a parcel of drugs from overseas (in this case, Ethiopia) to be sent to Anna's address. And you arranged for a Customs man, dressed in DHL uniform, to deliver the parcel and arrest Anna. You set her up. Frank, you and your friends Nonso and Network in Mirador Mansion, are Customs informers you get protection from Customs by sacrificing a victim like Anna  every month or so ...and Customs officers get promotion.

What to say? This totally innocent poor woman is facing around 10 years in prison (after "cuts").

Frank, someday you will have to answer to a Higher Court for what you have done, ... as in this story about your compatriot Emeka in San Paulo

Hope you also will get out of the drug game ... and do something good for the families you have destroyed ...families like that of Anna