Letters from inmates in prison in Hong Kong - 2017

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September 22: Letter in English by a Colombian man in HK describing classic set up arranged by HK police and HK informer

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July 10: Letter in Chinese by a local HK man saying how he and his friend were "set up" on a drug trafficking charge:

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July 9: Letter in Chinese by a local HK man saying how he was set up by local Drug Lord CHENG TAI TUNG, in partnership with local police

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June 22:   Information about two Drug Lords from India who operated in China and recruited people inside China to take drugs to Hong Kong, with a new letter by one of their victims - here. See previous letters, below, April 24


June 18: Letter in English from a Pakistani man in prison in HK for drug trafficking, warning others not to follow him into the drug world: 

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(see his previous letter, below May 29)


May 29: Letter from a Pakistani man in HK - describing how he became involved in the drug scene, and warning others not to make the same mistake:
Original copy in his handwriting and typed copy


April 24: Letters from Sub Continent man in prison in HK on drug charge - naming and shaming the Indian men in China who recruited him: Mahfooz Quraishi ("Sunny") and Ashfaque Hussain ("Tony")

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April 24: Letter from a young HK Nepal man - describing the drug problem afflicting his generation ...."15 of my friends have died"

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See: Smugglers abandon HK$600,000 of cough syrup in speedboat getaway (see my comment - "MRicci")


March 27: Letter from a Mainland woman in prison in HK for drug trafficking, saying how she was recruited/tricked by an African Drug Gang in Guangzhou to take drugs from Malaysia to HK/China:

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See also: July 13, 2016 letter in Chinese & English from a Mainland woman saying how she was tricked by an African man in Guangzhou to go to Malaysia and bring "something" back to Hong Kong - Here (July 13)


February 25: Letter from an Indian woman in prison in HK for drug trafficking, describing how she was recruited and tricked to bring drugs to HK from India:

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