Letters from inmates in prison in Hong Kong

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September 20,2016: Letter from an Indonesian woman in prison in Hong Kong
- this story, like the one below of July 22, a different case, looks like a set-up

July 22, 2016: Letters from an Indonesian woman in prison in Hong Kong
- this story has all the elements of a "set-up"

July 13  Letter in Chinese from a Mainland woman saying how she was tricked by an African man in Guangzhou to take drugs from Guangzhou to Malaysia via Hong Kong ... where she was arrested in transit area of HK airport for drug trafficking. Woman is one of about 20 so tricked and so arrested in the past few years. About 10 them have been acquitted. The rest have been sentenced to long prison terms, or, like this woman, are awaiting trial.

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English translation here

Here are photos of the Nigerian man who recruited her. At least one other inmate in HK says she also was recruited by the same Nigerian man! And several inmates from various countries recognize this man. Last photo is of the area where the Nigerians are based in Guangzhou.

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The same Nigerian man also recruited this inmate who tells her story here:

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c.f. this case!! Another one acquitted ...after serving 5 years!

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Related stories - maybe/probably the same Nigerian Gang in Guangzhou:
(Click Google translate for a rough English version)

April 11, 2017: Nigerian arrested Guangzhou, large quantity of drugs seized

April 21, 2017: Guangzhou police arrest four Africans for drug trafficking


And see these reports about a Mainland woman, Zhou Li Mei, whose appeal to the Court of Final Appeal has been upheld: 
Chinese media report here

Summary of CFA Judges Feb 16, 2017 decision - here (in English and Chinese), ordering a re-trial. 

And see: March 27, 2017 Letter from a Mainland woman in prison in HK for drug trafficking, saying how she was recruited/tricked by an African Drug Gang in Guangzhou to take drugs from Malaysia to HK/China - Here (March 27)

June 15  Letter from a Filipina in prison in HK for drug trafficking - how well known HK Nigerian Drug Lord "Network" and his Filipina girlfriend named "RJ" arranged for her to go from HK to San Paulo, Brazil and bring back to HK a parcel containing 3.7kg of cocaine.
Here (June 15)

May 2016  The story of how an African over-stayer was tricked by drug lords in HK. He is now serving a long sentence for drug trafficking


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